Trans-Real News – Episode 1: Rejoice!

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The News in Brief

  • Coming Soon: Super Peyote by Substrate Technologies.
  • In Ularu a group of anarchists shed blood over who is the most anarchic.
  • Having your head removed is becoming fashionable
  • Is A.I. Too Smart to want to kill us all? The Union of Doomsayers aims to change that!
  • Reality Warfare in Atlanta, Georgia!

Timespace Forecast (1’30”)

  • Lots of bouncing around in time.
  • 1950s vibration with a Stone Age undercurrent.
  • 1970s Depravity going into the weekend.

This Week’s Sponsor (2’13”)

Learn all about Rejoice! The meme-complex that lets you escape reality from the comfort of your own chair!

Statement from the Union of Chaos Wizards: (4’07”)

We claim no responsibility for the current state of responsibility! We take no control over other peoples inability to control themselves. If you don’t like how sad and pathetic people have become, then do something about it you sad and pathetic creature! We weave PURE CHAOS here, not disasters and calamities built around the complete lack of it!

Advisories (5’01”)

  • Watch out when the demons of Gehenna offer you free floggings: Nothing is for free!
  • The difference between navel-gazing and masturbation is thin, sometimes invisible.
  • The gas station in the Desert Sphere has the best burritos.
  • Beware of the Televistic Slime

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