Trans-Real News – Episode 2: Barbarians

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In which monsters stir, barbarians rampage, depravity is delayed, the Trans-Real News team suffers a tragic loss, and Klie defames some goats.

The News in Brief

  • Something is Stirring under Ularu, several interplanar megacorporations are racing to be the one to control it.
  • Time Barbarians on the Rampage!
  • The Authorities turn down the Union of Doomsayer’s request to make AI dumber.
  • What about hats?

Timespace Forecast (1’31”)

  • 1970s Depravity is going to miss us after all.
  • Reality disruption reaching 2‽
  • Keep your reality umbrella handy.
  • Fashion will jump the gun,

This Week’s Sponsor (2’25”)

Justin Black Cultural Engineers tell you how to get your underlings to lick your boots and think it was their idea

Interview with Hordemaster Torg Skullcracker (4’07”)

Our own Yaron Ioron intervies the master of the Horde, but Time Barbarians hate being questioned.

Advisories (5’01”)

  • If it is over 3 cuil, it;s time to turn heel. Stay safely under 2.5‽
  • Don’t trust the Goats
  • Things are getting weirder in Atlanta, GA

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