Trans-Real News – Episode 3: Best Necromancers in the World

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In which warfare breaks out over the being under Ularu, Someone is stealing heads, the Barbarians call a moot, a week on repeat, the late 20th century is coming in, Death is not the End… if you have the money, insectoids breeding in the Televistic Slime have an offer for you, and Klie is dubious about sexy talking insects, and warns you about smuggling through Gehenna.

The News in Brief

  • Warfare in Ularu!
  • Yaron Ioron is back from the dead!
  • Heads are being stolen from across the Upper Planes.
  • Time Barbarians call a Moot.

Timespace Forecast (1’30”)

  • Last week coming into next week.
  • 1980s and 1990s take over your radio.

This Week’s Sponsor (2’13”)

Tul’Ophala, Necromancers for Hire tells you how to cheat death or return a loved one from the Great Unknown.

A Communication from Insectoids from The Slime: (4’07”)

We are. We Know. We would like to buy you a drink.

Advisories (5’01”)

  • Be careful about taking drinks from strange insectoids.
  • Gehenna is experiencing a crackdown.
  • Strangeness continues in Atlanta, GA.

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