Trans-Real News – Episode 4: Indigo Child

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In which Retrograde Dynamics pulls its usual awful stunts, Reality warfare in Atlanta, GA has subsided, Hellions protest Upper Planar refugees, the Televistic Slime continues to grow. Double Monday is behind us, the outlook is positive, because Happiness is Mandatory. Vaporix helps you do many things… but what is it? The Union of Doomsayers makes Artificial Stupidity. And Klie warns you about Troll Farms.

The News in Brief

  • Retrograde Dynamics abducts schoolgirls to turn into magical super-soldiers.
  • The cause of the Reality Warfare in Atlanta finally recovers.
  • Hellions protest Heavenly refugees.
  • Psionics Today speculates on why The Slime continues to expand.

Timespace Forecast (1’54”)

This Week’s Sponsor (2’13”)

Vaporix, from the Product Comapny. See what it can do for you.

Statement from the Union of Doomsayers: (4’07”)

Soon! Soon the machines will come for you all! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Don’t say we didn’t try! Few shall survive the coming terrors! Consult with your local doomsayers to see if you shall be among them.

Advisories (5’01”)

  • Apologies to the Hive
  • Troll Farms are taking a literal twist
  • The Dome of Champions treats American Politics as it truly is…

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