Trans-Real News – Episode 5: Snu-Snu

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In which events in Ularu get more violent, the Hive can make a fine beverage, the Time Moot concludes, Torg is banished. a Kid is literally knocked into next Tuesday. Utopias, Retrogressive habits in the forecast. The Authorities repeat themselves. There is no Snu-Snu at the Time Moot.

The News in Brief

  • Magical Girls vs. Combat Cyborgs clash in Ularu
  • Substrate goes underground
  • The Hive creates a roaring tourist scene in the ruins of the Upper Planes
  • The Time Moot concludes
  • Torg pays for his crimes
  • A little boy is literally knocked int Next tuesday

Timespace Forecast (1’49”)

  • Possible future Utopias continue.
  • Cultural Retrogression later in the week

This Week’s Sponsor (2’37”)

Bob and Ashley tell us all about the Hypermanly 2000 Annihilator, and how to keep yourself safe wandering the planes.

Statement from the Authorities: (3’51”)

In response to protest in the Hell planes the Authorities release this statement: Protest all you want. Nothing Changes. We are inexorable, We are inevitable. Submit or be reconfigured.

Advisories (4’22”)

  • There is no Snu-Snu to be had at the Time Moot!
  • Hellish protests are getting dangerous.
  • Klie endorses the coffee shop at the edge of Nirvana

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