Trans-Real News – Episode 6: Escheaton

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In which Vogonis causes an ecological disaster, a search continues for the boy punched into the wrong Tuesday, disappointment in prophecies are discussed, as are books. Bad vibrations ahead. The Ularu constabulary responds to the chaos, and Klie suggests Quantum Flux diving.

The News in Brief

  • An attack by Vogon’is on Substrate Technologies leads to ecological disaster on par with the Frop invasion of New Mexico.
  • The Child punched out of the timestream appears to have skipped multiple Tuesadays.
  • Was the Escheaton Immanentized, but just a letdown?
  • Inoki Aseglay’s book “Try Not to Understand” is a bestseller in multiple parallel universes.

Timespace Forecast (1’46”)

  • Happiness will be less mandatory, and conformity moreso
  • Special alerts for Los Angeles and Quebec
  • Incoming triple Monday may bring 2 Camus of Ennui

This Week’s Sponsor (2’40”)

Retrograde Dynamics offers you a range of services and products to help you live in the past.

Statement from the Ularu Constabulary (3’30”)

“What we need most is for everyone to remain calm. We are experiencing some kind of mass hysteria. There are no sword-wielding giant Japanese women, or robots, or vikings in town. The drones seen over town appear to be a part of a massive hoax, mass hallucination, or mass hypnosis. We’re not sure which. Please remain calm and carry on with business as usual and know that we will get to the bottom of these alarming experiences.”

Advisories (4’13”)

  • Still no Snu-Snu from the ladies of the Horde
  • Check out the Hive Bars coming to a town near you
  • Check out Quantum Flux diving!

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