Trans-Real News – Episode 7: Timmy

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In which Vogon’is quits the field of battle, Freelance Police go after the head thieves with extreme prejudice, and Retrograde Dynamics crushes Vogon’is in Australia; Depressing time distortions ahead, the Doomsayers babble, and Klie suggests places to go to be depressed.

The News in Brief

  • Sting by Freelance Police leaves many head thieves hospitalized
  • A warning about counterfeit Cuil meters
  • A crackdown and rioting in multiple Hell dimensions leads to deaths on both sides
  • Vogon’is is overrun by Retrograde Dynamics’ magical girls

Timespace Forecast (1’41”)

  • 4 Camus of Ennui
  • Triple Monday on the way

This Week’s Sponsor (2’26”)

Dr. Flieschmesser of Minions, Inc. tells you about the custom monsters he can build for you.

Statement from the Union of Doomsayers (3’51”)

“Beware fools! That which sites beneath Ularu can no longer be put down! We have seen all! Death shall rise from a tide of blood and thorns! The plants already know! They call up from the parched soil! Consult your local doomsayers to see if you will survive the coming cataclysm.”

Advisories (4’17”)

  • High Camus, do something new.
  • If you enjoy Ennui three vistas to try
  • Blanket, hot coca, and streaming…

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