Trans-Real News – Episode 8: Double Timewarp

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In which a lost child is found, peace returns in Australia, Hell goes under Martial law, and cyberterrorists declare war on stupidity, good old-fashioned vibrations are on the way, Vogon’is defends their retreat, Travel is tricky, Klie gives you the skinny on places not to go.

The News in Brief

  • Missing Child found in the 33rd Century
  • an uneasy peace in Ularu
  • Martial Law in several Hell dimensions
  • Cyberterrorists destroy the Doomsayer A.I.

Timespace Forecast (1’41”)

  • The Day of Three Mondays is behind us
  • Good vibrations are on the way!
  • Watch out for the husks of the terminally online!

This Week’s Sponsor (2’26”)

Atomic Salsa: We’ll burn your face off.

Statement from Vogon’is (3’40”)

“We understand that some of you are very concerned about the recent defeat of Vogon’is  in the Australian Outback. We wish to assure you all that Vogon’is remains strong, brutal, and unmoved. Our commitment to a future of brutal hierarchy, petty cruelty, and mindless consumerism will never waver. We will not be deterred from our goals. But in the interest of a responsible and sustainable approach that serves only the interest of our shareholders we will take no further actions in Ularu at this time. Combat cyborgs are expensive and not to be wasted. As it is we’ve sacrificed those responsible for the mismanagement of our valuable assets to the shareholder trust.”

Advisories (4’35”)

  • Camus is receding but things remain funky over Europe
  • Barbarian Raids to start in earnest again in the near future
  • Travel to numerous Hell dimensions restricted
  • Televistic Slime continues to grow

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