Trans-Real News – Episode 11: Alien Ichor

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Eldritch horrors awaken beneath Ularu and goes to battle with magical girls, XIbalba in flames, the Head Mafia collects a few of their own, expect raining blood in Australia, the Chaos Wizards deny shennanigans, Kile invites you to see the Quantum Flux Diving championships, and a mic is left on accidentally.

The News in Brief

  • An Eldritch horror awakens in Ularu
  • The Magical Girls fight back against giant monsters.
  • The Freelance Police are accused of taking heads of their own.
  • Psionics today interviews the parents of indigo children.

Timespace Forecast (1’30”)

  • Blood, Storms, Tremors, Cultists, and Madness in Australia

This Week’s Sponsor (2’13”)

Retrograde Dynamics are looking for volunteers to become Superhuman!

Statement from the Union of Chaos Wizards: (4’00”)

No, we aren’t responsible for this one either. When we say Chaos we mean it in a quantum sense. The ability for an observing agent to collapse waveforms thereby changing the flow of reality in a non-newtonian way. You see… oh, why do I bother. Okay you primitive screwheads we mean Chaos as in “that wouldn’t happen if everything wer predetermined.” Not Chaos as in everything has gone a bit crazy. Get it? What’s going on in Ularu only Chaotic in so much as a lot of people’s decisions had very unexpected consequences, and ours weren’t involved. Get a grip.

Advisories (5’01”)

  • Australia
  • Stop eating The Slime
  • Quantum Flux Diving Championships

Hot Mic Chatter (6’00”)

[Klie] Toby, any news on Yaron yet?

[Toby] I heard the exorcism is going well. I also hear that we can expect to run a lot more Tul O’Phala adds in the near future.

[Klie] Ah, the life of a shill. I’m glad to hear he’s doing okay. Oh, hold on… what’s that flashing light?

[Toby] Ugh! Our mics are live again! Why does this keep happening?

[Klie] I’ll get it.

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