Month: May 2024

Trans-Real News – Episode 26: XibalbaTrans-Real News – Episode 26: Xibalba

Torg takes over as anchorman, Retrograde gets into the superhero business, Lobster-monsters attack Ecuador, Caffeine Zombie is still at large. Timespace distortions are becoming focused on two points. We hear [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 22: AussiefloraTrans-Real News – Episode 22: Aussieflora

The Authorities brand Trans-Real News "Dangerous Misinformation". We find out what happened to Walter. A psychic plant carpets Australia. Bob tells us our forecast. Klie reminds us about Trust, Truth, [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 21: VindicationTrans-Real News – Episode 21: Vindication

We get a behind-the-scenes look at TRN. Yaron and Walter return. Tul’Ophala is nearly destroyed. The Archons have abandoned the authorities. And an interview goes horribly wrong… Three Minutes Before [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 18: Getting Laid Across the MultiverseTrans-Real News – Episode 18: Getting Laid Across the Multiverse

The lower planes are closed off, the slime is disappearing, and the Head Mafia surrenders. Torg notes an uptick in conquistadors and time confusion. The horde is on the move. [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 17: ParasiteTrans-Real News – Episode 17: Parasite

In which Yaron breaks Tu’Ophala’s dirty secrets, New Normal is finally established, and Klie tells you about new exploration opportunities. News Brief Timespace Forecast (1’52”) This Week’s Sponsor (3’02”) Donna’s [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 16: SkullcrusherTrans-Real News – Episode 16: Skullcrusher

In which the board replaces Walter, Televisitc Slime=based plastics meet with controversy, Barbarians settle the Western Front, the New Normal is established, The Authorities rebuke TRN, and Klie talks rock [...]