Trans-Real News – Episode 16: Skullcrusher

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In which the board replaces Walter, Televisitc Slime=based plastics meet with controversy, Barbarians settle the Western Front, the New Normal is established, The Authorities rebuke TRN, and Klie talks rock & rockets.

News Brief

  • A lawsuit against Loving Perception over Slime-Based plastics
  • Barbarian training camps are established across the Central Valley
  • Walter is still missing
  • The Authorities retaliate against Trans-Real News

Timespace Forecast

  • Welcome Torg Skullcrusher as the interim timespace forecaster
  • Time to re-calibrate your irreality meters, we have dropped within the range of “Normal”
  • Slay all who oppose you.

Our Sponsor

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A Statement from the Authorities

We condemn in the strongest terms the irresponsible choice of Trans-Real News to air a statement from know reality terrorist Pharaoh Zantetzuken Jefferson Invictus, and call upon them, and other newscasters to be more responsible in whom they choose to give platform. We have no choice but to lower the Authorities Truth Score on Trans-Real News to “untrustworthy” and hope that they will respond correctly, by retracting the interview, scrubbing it from their archives, and publishing the press kit we have sent them on the dangers of neo-anarchy.

Travel Advisories

  • Nova Angeles and Night City have thriving music scenes.
  • Bring a weapon if you are touring the West Coast.
  • Political squid are making travel difficult.
  • The Homarind Empire takes to the stars, and Retrograde Technologies intends to livestream it.

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