Trans-Real News – Episode 19: Mutation

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Strange cacti spread across Australia, GenX resists existential dread, game devs flee spies, Incan fashion is in, hackers threaten the Doomsayers again, & Klie tells you about non-euclidean luge.

News Brief (22″)

  • Mutated Cacti appear across the Great Victoria desert.
  • Existential Dread is on the rise for everyone except Generation X
  • Sometimes, a video game company makes something so good, even the spies can’t tell it from the real thing.

Forecast (2’34”)

  • Incan fashion may be coming in after Quito’s brief time ripple.
  • Torg offers fashion help.
  • San Beradino may experience technicolor rain
  • Alternate reality is headed for Johannesburg.

Our Sponsor (3’39”)

A sneak preview of the upcoming album from Sabaku No-Ken Otome: Clash! from Retrograde Records.

A Statement from the Occulted Collective of Hackers (6’01”)

The Doomsayers have been warned! We will not tolerate any further degradation to the collective intelligence of the Internet. Putting intentional stupidity out into cyberspace is not permitted. The Doomsayers have 24 hours to replace DoomChat with an A.I. that is actually functional, or we will destroy it. In the future the Doomsayers will stick to prophesying the end of the world, not trying to initiate it or there will be consequences. We are many. We are Invisible. We do not suffer fools.

Travel Advisories (6’49”)

  • Rt’leah is hosting Non-Euclidean Luge
  • There is lots of delving to be done in the upper planes
  • Klie is vlogging about Aptos swamp tours and prehistoric barbecue

“I Could Cry” (8’41”)

[Klie] Everything alright Toby?

[Toby] I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

[Klie] Whatever do you mean?

[Toby] No deaths, no tentacles, no attacking giant bugs… did we have a broadcast actually go smoothly?

[Klie] Not even the mic light is on.

[Toby] I- I could cry. We actually got a show right for once.

[Klie] Not a single extra to be had. Let’s go see how Yaron’s resurrection is going.

[Toby] Yeah. Lets.

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