Trans-Real News – Episode 21: Vindication

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We get a behind-the-scenes look at TRN. Yaron and Walter return. Tul’Ophala is nearly destroyed. The Archons have abandoned the authorities. And an interview goes horribly wrong…

Three Minutes Before Showtime… (0’00”)

A glimpse at Trans-Real News behind the scenes.

News Brief (3’39”)

  • The Freelance Police have Tul’Ophala on the run
  • Ealter and yaron are back!
  • The Authorities are losing ground and the Archons have turned on them.

Timespace Forecast (5’00”)

  • A mostly linear week.
  • Quantum fallout will cause some strange rains.
  • Johannesburg will continue to see reality jumps.

Our Sponsor (5’56”)

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An Interview with a Witness to the Breakdown of Order in the Lower Planes (6’52”)

[Yaron] I’m here today with a being who has recently escaped the lower dimensions, and has eyewitness accounts of the clash between Helions and Archons as the Authorities attempt to take back entire planes that have gone into revolt. Welcome Witness.

[Witness] Thank you, Yaron I wish I could say I was glad to be here.

[Yaron] We understand, getting out could not have been easy. Could you describe where you were and what has been going on.

[Witness] I recently escaped Parallax and it is utter Chaos.

[crashing, mayhem]

[Yaron] What the hell! Walter! Get off of me!

[Alien screeeching]

[Witness] I’m out of here!

[Yaron] Walter… it’s me.. Yaron…

[Torg] Get back, he’s infested! I will…

[crashing, grunting]

[Torg] You are stronger than you look beast. Argh.

[Torg] [crunch] Hah! A broken arm means little now that I have you, polyp!

[Torg] Choking, growling

[Wet splat]

[Torg} There!

[Warren] Walter! Walter!

[Klie] Step back Warren. I’ve got him.

[Toby] Jesus! Torg! Your arm is practically off!

[Torg] Stronger than he looked. Poisonous, too.

[Yaron] Hello? 911

[Toby] I am going to kill the broadcast.

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