Trans-Real News – Episode 22: Aussieflora

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The Authorities brand Trans-Real News “Dangerous Misinformation”. We find out what happened to Walter. A psychic plant carpets Australia. Bob tells us our forecast. Klie reminds us about Trust, Truth, and Safety.

News Brief (0’21”)

  • The Authorities declare Trans-Real News “Dangerous Misinformation” in retaliation.
  • Walter and Torg are in stable condition.
  • We learn where Walter has been.
  • A new symbiotic psychic plant spreads across Australia.

Timespace Forecast (2’18”)

  • Hallucinogenic monster remains scattered across France and Monaco… be mindful and kind to Lunatics in the streets.
  • Johannesburg is finally settling on a new reality.
  • Eat those Land Sharks!
  • The Quantum Rain continues in Western Europe

Our Weekly Sponsor (4’11”)

Hear all about Minions Inc.‘s latest products.

A Statement from The Authorities (6’35”)

We condemn in the highest terms the statements made by Trans-Real News during their previous broadcast. Such blatant disinformation could lead to disastrous consequences for safety and order across the lower planes. We are therefore forced to lower Trans-Real News’ Truth Score to “Dangerous Misinformation” until they choose to recant the statements made by their unidentified witness.

Travel Advisories (7’14”)

  • Anything that claims to be interested in truth and safety has no interest in Truth, and is definitely not safe. And if they claim to be about trust… never trust them.
  • Fantasy Inns in the Upper Planes are a great way to get delving tips.
  • If you are flying kites in Quantum Rain, stay dry!
  • Visit Klie’s vlog to hear a review and author interview about Getting Laid Across the Multiverse.

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