Trans-Real News – Episode 23: Televistic

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In which Australia gets meaner, substrate chickens out, the Rain settles, and Klie gets cozy, and the Hive goes Live.

News Brief (0’22”)

  • The Aussieflora Hive mind is spreading and overwhelming towns in Australia.
  • Toxic spores put human in contact with the Hive Mind, but no communication has been possible.
  • Substrate Industries resists the injunction to clean up the hive mind.
  • The Hive launches Buzz network.
  • Archon 5779 murdered in Pacific Grove, CA after talking to Trans-Real News

Timespace Forecast (2’26”)

  • Quantum Rain goes into reversal
  • The Indigo Children are Migrating, bringing Wierdness with them
  • Reality turmoil over Antarctica

Our Sponsor (4’05”)

Donna’s Long Pig: an affordable, clean all-clones dining experience.

Statement from the Doomsayer’s Union (4’46”)

See! We got it right! You can have the supid AI, this is going to much worse! Much worse indeed! These plants will be the doom of you all, just as we have foretold… except for a few brave and unfortunate souls… contact your local doomsayer to see if you are one of them!

Travel Advisories (5’14”)

  • Great Old One Sushi is all the rage along the French Riviera
  • The Buzz Network is a great way to relax when you’re sick with alien venom
  • Cozy RPGs: pretend there was such a thing as “normal” left in the world

Overheard on a Hot Mic (7’15”)

[Toby] So, how are you feeling, Klie?

[Klie] Ugh, I have been better. That’ll teach me.

[Toby] Why did you drink coffee from a dirty mug, anyway?

[Klie] Old army habit, I’m afraid.

[Toby] I didn’t know you were in the army.

[Klie] Shh! We don’t talk about the bad old days, remember? it was a long time ago. Let’s just say I got used to the taste of burnt coffee in a dirty mug. In the meantime, I’ve also gotten out of the habit to check to see if there’s blood, ichor, or venom splashed on it.

[Toby] Klie, I need to talk to you about the possibility of taking a little trip.

[Klie] Hmm… i get the feeling I know where you are thinking of going. And it’s a crazy idea, Toby.

[Toby] Well, what else have I got to lose at this point? TRNN is basically cutting out funding down to nothing. They’ve even threatened to sue to force us to change our name so that they won’t be associated with us anymore.
This requires what Torg calls a “Heroic feat of truth-telling.”

[Klie] Let’s say I could help you carry out your crazy idea… Who would run the show.

[Toby] I’m still thinking about that, and I have a lot of arrangements to make. But, can you do it?

[Klie] Of course I can, darling. I’m always for a little daring-do… at least I will be once I’ve passed the last of this venom.

[Toby] Thanks, Klie.

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