Trans-Real News – Episode 24: Battlebabe

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Sabaku No-Ken Otomoe goes to war with the Aussieflora Hive Mind, A love bot gains true sentience, the 60s and romance are back (temporarily), as is coffee. Route 66 gets a bit weirder.

News Brief (0’22”)

  • The Aussieflora Hive Mind defends itself.
  • Sabaku No-Ken Otomoe are back online and livestreaming
  • A Loving Perception love-bot gains sentience, becomes a dating coach
  • Caffeine Zombie still on the run!
  • Heads are back in fashion!
  • Ultraviolent cartoon animals are the stylish new self-defense measure.

Timespace Forecast (2’21”)

  • Thank you, Thomas!
  • Time Warps over Australia may accelerate Aussieflora evolution.
  • The 60s will be vibing in Europe again for the next week.

Our Sponsor (3’31”)

Bob and Ashley talk about the latest Hypermanly firearm for the ladies: The Battlebabe 700. All the power, none of the kick!

A Statement From the Hive (5’25”)

[Cha’ag Xixchitax] You need not fear, lovely humans! We are in control of the slime, and use it for many things! We have redirected its spread to places where it will serve us all best! Let us continue to love and thank you for the gift of television! Soon we all shall be one!

Travel Advisories (6’01”)

  • Coffee has returned to the Upper Planes
  • The dating scene in Europe might just be what you are looking for with the 60s back!
  • The Indigo Children are spreading weirdness along Route 66

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