Trans-Real News – Episode 25: Preparations

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The Aussieflora Hive Mind mutates rapidly. Non-Serviam issues pirate broadcasts from the lower dimensions: the Archons in chaos. The Hive is pumping the slime through portals.

News Brief (0’18”)

  • The Aussieflora Hive Mind mutates rapidly in its battle against Sabaku No-Ken Otomoe.
  • The Hive is pumping the Slime to a few chosen planes for their personal use… but where?
  • A pirate news group, Non-Serviam, is making reports from the Lower Planes
  • Non-Serviam reports Archons in chaos without leadership or supplies, many going rogue

Timespace Forecast (2’37”)

  • The Aussieflora Hive Mind is drawing in time distortions from all over the globe.
  • Coastal Australians can expect reality storms.
  • 70s depravity to hit Toronto

Our Sponsor (3’31”)

The House of the Echoes of Light offers safe nether-parasite removal.

A Statement from the Hroth’Maghdal (4’07”)

We have consulted with the Aptos police department and can now confirm that the death of Archon 5779 was in fact a ray of slaying light of the type used by Archons. The Police Department has turned over further investigations to the watch. If we catch this murderous Archon, it will be rent asunder and its husk used to make armor for our creche guardians! Glory to the Horde!

Travel Advisories (4’55”)

  • Advisories on hold for some time.
  • Be aware of the Indigo Child migration.

Overheard on a Hot Mic (6’36”)

[Klie] Have you got everything you need Toby.

[Toby] I’m set with a bug out bag and arrangements. Thanks for the list, it was helpful.

[Klie] I honestly thought it would be a bit repetitive for you.

[Toby] I’ve been behind that damned desk too long. I haven’t actually stepped off of Earth in years. I’m getting rusty.

[Klie] Not too rusty, I hope, I have made the arrangements and we should be able-

[Toby] Sorry, Klie, I don’t like interrupting, but recently a few more recordings from backstage have been circulating on the Internet. I’m guessing our spy has found a  way to override our lights. Best to carry this conversation on someplace noisy.

[Klie] Okay, let’s head down to the Trilobite Grill. The Barbarian joints are always noisy, and noone there gives a fuck anyway.

[Toby] Yeah…

[Klie] … Something wrong?

[Toby] Just taking a good look at the studio, and hoping its still here when we get back.

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