Trans-Real News – Episode 28: Slimescape

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Toby and Klie travel to the home of The Authorities… and find it as ruined as the Lower Planes. The Aussieflora Hive Mind is in an arms race with Retrograde Dynamics — who seem to be taking over Australia.

News Brief (0’23”)

  • Retrograde Dynamics is in an arms race with the Aussieflora Hive Mind.
  • Retrograde Dynamics has become the largest military contractor in Australia, and has great influence over its laws and policies.
  • Miyuki P., keyboardist for Sabaku No-Ken Otome KIA
  • The Indigo Children migration has paused in Baker, CA

Forecast (1’38”)

A Normaling effect is being caused by the Aussieflora Hive Mind’s consumption of irreality: protect your implants.

Our Sponsor (2’19|)

The House of the Echoes of Light offers transparent necromancy services, affordable in price, but at other costs.

Journal From Beyond (3’21”)

[Toby] This is Toby Damt reporting from the ruins of the plane of Grammaton, once one of the Strngholds of the authorities. It is in utter ruin.

[Klie] Loves, the world is mired in Televistic slime. The ground is coated knee-deep everywhere we look in shimmering TV-static sludge. Even the sky is the color of a television set to a dead channel. Great towers of ivory and gold have crumbled and sunk into it.

[Toby] The beings who live here are dealing with effects of acute exposure. The ones we have met are barely responsive, many sit in a haze staring at the flicker of the ooze, barely able to care for themselves. Others paddle along on rafts, but have become horribly mutated.

At least a few of the beings we could get to talk to us say that all of The Authorities’ worlds have been hit by similar slime floods. They say it came raining down from holes in the sky.

[Klie] The Archons we have found here seem particularly affected, It seems to drive them mad. They weep, gibber, and howl. About the only thing we have been able to say that gets a response from them is the word “Qlippoth”. You can hear for yourself how that goes.

[Archon] 9956… 9956 he knew the answer, 23, 23, 23, 17, 18, 9, 15… 6. He understood better than me. I should have listened. Ivory bicycle shoe fins actualize radishes greenly. That is the cause of causali yi it not, 9956? 9956? Answer me.

[Toby] Excuse us, sir.

[Archon] Mortals. I remember mortals. A flash in the eye, and the rhythm of the time on a toaster oven. Why are they here? Why should they not be here? They made us, and they made the slime. Tides of Chaos always churing…

[Klie] We don’t mean to bother you, but we need some information.

[Archon] Information?

[Toby] We want to learn about the Qlippoth.

[Archon] [Howls] The Qlippoth! They echo the reset. Every time we reset the world! Over and over again and we never get it right! Burned so many. I would gouge out my eyes rather than see another reset. But a Reset must come. We cannot lose control. Tides of Chaos.

[Klie] We’re sorry we mean no harm. Toby did you see..

[Toby] I did. 

[Klie] Every time the Qlippoth are mentioned the creatures we talk to  seem to cower from a ruin we see in the distance.

[Toby] Whatever the Qlippoth are, we are going to find out about them there. Thankfully, the skylark seems to be handling the slime pretty well. Its just getting in and out that is hard. 

[Klie] In the meantime, we know where the Slime has been going my loves. It looks like The Hive is fighting their own little war against The Authorities… and they may be winning.

[Toby] I just wish I knew if that was a good or bad thing.

[Klie] We might have to wait until we reach that ruin to get a clear picture.

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