Trans-Real News – Episode 31: Renegade

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The Indigo children are on the move. The Aussieflora Hive Mind introduces plant-based people. Klie and Toby Get some answers about where the Qlippoth come from, and how our Earth might be next.

News Brief

  • Non-Serviam reports that the Hellions have turned Xibalba into the break point of their rebellion, liberating portals and converging on the Archons sacking the town.
  • The Authorities are unwilling, or likely unable to reinforce El Rubicava.
  • Divine refugees head home from the lower planes.
  • The Aussieflora Hive Mind has opened its bulb to release Plant-Based humanoids
  • Pant-Based Humanoidsare both chemically and socially toxic
  • The Indigo Children are on the move

Timespace Forecast (1’43”)

  • Irreality dispersed from Australia into the upper atmosphere to follow global air currents
  • Irreality is caused in part by human delusions: it is infinite
  • Indigo Child migration brings high irreality to Nova Angeles
  • Hollywood actors may wind up living their roles… expect lots of gun battles

Our Sponsor (2’42”)

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Journal From Beyond (4’32”)

[Toby] This is Toby Damt coming to you from another Qlippothic Earth. Klie and I have explored about 30 of these now, and there still seem to be more. Every one a world where life on Earth abruptly ended sometime in the last 150 years, and each one only slightly different from our own Earth.

[Klie] We tried 29 other worlds before we saw a single sign of life other than the rubbery tentacled things that you sometimes see hiding in the darkest corners of ruined cities. It’s desolate and depressing. We have had to bring a mountain of batteries and portable media to keep us sane, along with provisions.

[Toby] We were about to move on to yet another dead world, just to see how many of these there are when we spotted a light. We both thought we were dreaming at first, but we actually managed to find someone living here. We are going to play you that encounter now.

[Klie] Softly now, lets not try to scare them, but we also don;t want to give them a chance to disappear.

[Toby] What do you think, keep my iron handy?

[Klie] Bob’s rubbing off on you. Good. I would say keep a hand on it and be ready to draw until we get a feel.

[Toby] He looks human, but he has been here a long time I’d say.

[Klie] A very long time.

[Hugh] You don’t have to sneak around. It’s been a very long time since I had company. Come on up to the fire and warm yourselves.

[Toby] Sorry about that… we’ve visited a lot of these worlds and weren;t sure who we’d find in one.

[Hugh] Nobody, I’d hope. Please, sit down. I have wine, if you’d like. Or Scotch.

[Klie] Yes please. I’m Klie Maxwell, and this is Toby Damt.

[Hugh] The names Akston. Call me Hugh if you like. I gave up on formalities a long time ago.

[Toby] Toby and Klie will be fine.

[Hugh] What brings… well… anyone to the Qlippoth? I haven’t seen a soul in a long, long time.

[Toby] We’re reporters.We’re trying to figure out why people have been murdered over hiding these – places.

[Hugh] Reporters? Hah. I thought real reporters died out a long time ago.

[Klie] They nearly have, We’re trying to bring them back. How about yourself?

[Hugh] Professional Hermit, these days, I couldn’t think of a better place to exile myself. But tell me, how many of these have you crossed to get here?

[Toby] We came through Grammaton, and this is our thirtieth.

[Hugh] God damn. That many now…

[Klie] The number is growing?

[Hugh] Sadly. I guess thing are pretty bad on your Earth if you have heard about the Qlippoth at all.

[Toby] Its been pretty bad. How long have you been gone?

[Hugh] Complicated question. Assume not as long as you might think.

[Toby] Irreality is causing superstorms that are transforming the land to prehistoric and futuristic nightmares. Barbarians from the 32nd century are murdering people across time. The lower possibilities are at war with the Authorities, and last time we checked, Australia was being consumed by giant mutant plants.

[Klie] Don’t forget megacorporations being effectively in charge of Australia the US, and most of Europe.

[Hugh] And how are the Authorities handling it?

[Toby] They’re losing.

[Hugh] Damn. Idiots. I guess it won’t be long now.

[Klie] Why don’t you tell us who you are? I get the impression there’s a lot you know that we don’t. And I would like a record of it.

[Hugh] If I believed in god, I would think he is mocking me. Or twisting the knife.

[Klie] Sounds familiar.

[Hugh] I just want you to promise me that if, after I am done talking, that you decide to kill me that you’ll do it quick.

[Toby] Hell of a start. I think you can safely assume I won’t kill you.

[Hugh] It’s not you I’m worried about. This one has a smell of blood about him.

[Toby] You know Klie?

[Klie] He doesn’t, but he clearly knows something about people. I’m not that man anymore. If it really needs to be done, I’ll be kind.

[Toby] Jesus.

[Hugh] I am… or was… one of the authorities.

[Toby] But, you’re human!

[Hugh] We always were. But between the Archons and the way we did business, we managed to create the illusion of being something a lot more. There’s not a single power we ever possessed that you couldn’t learn. They key was making everyone else think otherwise.

[Klie] That’s a hell of a trick!

[Hugh] Making people feel small and helpless isn’t hard. Especially once they think that they are better than you for being small and helpless. Everyone wants to be childish sometimes. Everyone wants to lift up the person they are parenting. Its a simple game that everyone likes to play. And easy to use, if you let yourself be cynical enough.

[Toby] So what happened? Why are you here.

[Hugh] Because I was stupid enough to retain a conscience. Something most of the Authorities decided was a liability. You can kill your conscience, too. It’s another game, but the moves are a lot more complicated.

[Klie] What did you do?

[Hugh] We ruled. Pretended we were gods. Started to shape the whole world in our image. Manipulated whole cultures into thinking that we were gods, and that they needed us. And took anything we wanted when we wanted it. The devil himself couldn’t have it so easy.

[Klie] And then…?

[Hugh] And then Nature took hold. It turns out that you can make people ignore Reality, but after awhile you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring Reality. All those contradictions and idiocies pile up, and eventually things just… break down. The center, really can’t hold. Magic, monsters, time travel, holes between the planes, Lovecraftian horrors. They all just start bleeding out of the damage you do to the human mind.

[Toby] So irreality is?

[Hugh] The natural reaction to people believing self-diminishing horseshit for too long. If the conscious mind is too busy pretending it is a weak, helpless victim, the soul, it seems cries out and the subconscious mind starts lashing out with wild, chaotic magic. It tries to break the world they are in. Things get weirder and weirder until nobody can control anything.

[Toby] And are the Qlippoth what is left.

[Hugh] No. I wish I could lie to you and say yes.I hoped never to have to explain it. You are here, and maybe you are meant to be here. So…

When we The Authorities – started losing control, we decided we were going to press the reset button. We  made a copy of Earth back when we first took control. Then we killed the Earth we lived on… everything and everyone on it. Even the planes around it. And used that life energy to start over.

Each time we got better at controlling people. Better at making people accept their own victimhood. Better at thinking absurd, contradictory, illogical things. We had better and better control each time. And we convinced ourselves that eventually we would get it right and be able to manage the irreality people created from believing horseshit.

And we pretended that the lives of the people we were resetting didn’t matter. Acceptable losses to build a better world after the reset.

[Klie] How many times?

[Hugh] Four when I was with them. It comes to around 37 billion lives, just counting humans, and not the things that they create with their minds.

[revolver hammer clicks]

[Toby] I never thought I would meet someone so despicable.

[Klie] Put it away, Toby.

[Toby] Why should I?

[Klie] Because he is already worse off than dead. I’ve been dead. This place is worse. Leaving him here is the cruelest thing you could do. And I intend to be cruel.

[Hugh] You are a terrifying man. You would’ve made a good Authority.

[Klie] Once, I might have… I’m a better person now.

[Hugh] If things are as bad as you say, I would expect that the Authorities are planning to reset the world again. And soon. You might not have much time.

[Klie] They can’t kill something that knows they’re coming. Come on Toby. Enjoy your rot, Hugh. You won’t see us again, even if we stop it.

[Hugh] Even still, I wish you luck.

Travel Advisories (13’36”)

  • Spread it far and wide: The Authorities are human con artists who will murder you if they can’t control you.
  • Adventurers pillaging the Higher planes will want to get out of the path or returnign divines.

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