Trans-Real News – Episode 32: Entanglement

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Toby and Klie sound the alarm and call for people to Resist! Australia is lost. Irreality is spreading around the world once again. Klie offers the Aussies some help getting off-world.

News Brief (0’19”)

  • TRN is no longer part of the Trans-Real News Network (soon to be the Indigo Network)
  • Learn about the Qlippoth and where they come from
  • Resist the authorities
  • Australia is lost; citizens ordered to evacuate
  • The Aussieflora Hive Mind is spreading…

Forecast (2’33”)

Our Sponsor (3’40”)

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Travel Advisories (4’22”)

  • Interdimensional travel may be another option if you are fleeing Australia. Klie is offering rituals as well as the schematics for the Lazardo-Banzai Overthruster to help you escape!
  • Keep tuned and we’ll help you find a way to fight the Reset!

Overheard on a Hot Mic… (5’29”)

[Torg] I am glad I could give you back your chair, Toby. I was surprised you didn’t take a day t recover. Your journey must have been harrowing.

[Toby] I plan on taking some time off this Summer… but I have to live that long first. Until then, there’s no rest for the wicked.

[Torg] Aye. But now I have a question: do you wish me to depart? I have no role left at Trans-Real News…

[Toby] I want you here for the same reason I wanted you as anchor: we need someone who can stand and fight when the Authorities come to shut us up. 

[Torg] Aye. And after today, they will have a great burning need to do so.

[Toby] If you still want to be on the mic., I will try to come up with something for you. I gather you were considering a cooking show with TRNN. Any other hidden hobbies or areas where you might be informative.

[Torg] Let me think on it. 

[Toby] Great. You have a place here Torg. If Yaron has forgiven you, so do I.

[Torg] Come then, Toby, let us replenish you with barbecue and beer. We can brainstorm, and appreciate Jutta’s new chain-mail bikini.

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