Trans-Real News – Episode 33: Pirate

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The Reset has begun, and the Trans-Real News team is joining the fight to resist and stand up against extinction. But they find that The Authorities have marked them for death.

News Brief (0’14”)

  • The Reset has begun!
  • The Hong Kong Cavalry hacks the Authorities’ Death Ray and aims it at The Aussieflora Hive Mind until counter-hackers shut them down.
  • The Occulted Collective of Hackers (AOCH) join the fray online, declaring No Gods or Kings, Only Man… they will destroy the sattelite and expose its masters.
  • The Hive declares solidarity with Mankind

The Sting (2’20”)

[Archon] Exterminate!

[Klie] Toby get down! [Crash! Thud! Death rays]

[Toby] I owe you one

[Torg] Rrraghh! [sword drawing] Archon Scum! Let us dance the dance of the three snakes!

 [Crashing, Sword Strike, Archon Screams and Evaporates]

[Toby] Torg! Behind you! [Gunfire, Archon Screams, Evaporates]

[Torg] Well aimed, shield brother! [Death Rays] Ah! I see you brought a whole war party! Good, I was starting to worry that this would be boring.

[Sounds of melee, death rays]

[Toby] Yaron! Get the Haverquirrels out of here!

[Transforming Sounds]

[Klie] There, guard dog is live, my lovelies!

[Machine gun fire]

[Toby] Where did you get that?!

[Klie] A gift from Bob after we set fire to the last missive the Authorities sent us. I’ve been tweaking it for Archons for awhile now.

[Warren chanting, sound of a fireball]

[Yaron] Well I’ll be damned, you are a wizard!

[Walter] Warren, save it for pursuit. Lets go.


[Toby] Klie, let’s get to the Sylark! Torg! You Coming?

[Leaping for cover]

[Torg] Nay! I intend to teach these archaic creatures why my people have forgotten them! And thanks to the turret, I will have my chance.


[Torg] Soon every barbarian drinking a the Kill and Grill will be here to share in this battle.

[Toby] We’ll come get you when we…

[Klie] Torg they are going for the trans…

[Beam, sound cuts]

Pirate Radio (4’29”)

[Toby] This is Toby Damt of Trans-Real News. Our studio has been destroyed by Archons sent by the Authorities. Our transmitting gear has been wrecked. Our website has been shut down.

[Toby] Right now we have no way of knowing how the war in cyberspace is going. Although I do know that the AOCH have been investing heavily in technology bought in the futuristic back alleys of Night City. I hope it is enough. If it isn’t there is no telling when death will rain down on our heads.

[Toby] For now, Trans-Real News is going Pirate. We are going to try to get in touch with our contacts, and keep coordinating the Resistance as best as we can. We are going to keep moving and hope that between dead drops, torrent sites, and good old-fashioned unlicensed broadcasting equipment we will keep getting through.

[Klie] Speaking of which, Toby, we need to keep moving!

[Toby] Okay.

[Toby] You’ve been listening to Trans-Real News. At least one important source of News for anyone standing up against extinction. Toby Damt, signing off. Safe travels.

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