Trans-Real News – Episode 34: Hunter-Killers

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Klie & Toby keep transmitting while on the run from the Authorities. Klie finally talks about the past.

Pirate Transmission

[Toby] This is Toby Damt coming to you from an undisclosed location somewhere in California. The Authorities seem to be desperate to shut down any system that is coordinating information on the resistance.

It would seem that even in the face of extermination, some organizations would rather do what they are told than look at the evidence in front off them and make their own choices. Our emails and accounts with Avogardo Co., Macrohard, and Pomme have all been suspended. Thankfully I know my way around LINUX and an IRC channel.

[Klie] Brilliant move of theirs making our phones stop working so that we wouldn’t want to carry them

[Toby] This is our thirteenth Pirate transmission; I hope that at least some of them are reaching you all out there.

It would appear that the Authorities have still been unable to undo the damage done to their killer sattelite by the Hong Kong Cavalry. The Death Ray continues to spiral around Australia. It would appear that the Aussiflora Hive Mind has all but died out.

If you would like to join the Occulted Collective of Hackers in their struggle, we urge you to scour major media news outlets sites for a theta icon and click on it. This link will change every hour or so, so once on the appropriate file server, leave a text file with your email address for further instruction.

Coming up a list of known …. [Clatter]

[Klie] Toby We’ve got company! [Death rays]

[Toby] Good thing you had that early warning system.

[Klie] Damn1 They are on both sides. I am deploying the Guard Dog on this side, you keep them nervous by firing out of other windows. Give me time to  fire up my Hunter-Killers.

[Toby] Are those things going to work? You’ve made them put of lawn mowers and smart-phone parts. 

[Klie] They’ll work. Just get shooting.

[gunfire, death rays, lawnmower]

[Klie] Off they go!

[Screesches from Archons]

[Toby] Jesus! Where the hell did you learn to do that?

[Klie] Killer robots were my signature back in the Psychic war. I was quite infamous for my nasty little toys.

[Toby] But wait,,,, Doesn’t that make you…

[Klie, American Accent] Cletus Maxwell,yes. People used to call me Bloodwrench back in the day.

[Toby] how did I not put that one together?

[Klie] You really didn’t know? I thought you were just being polite.

[Toby] No. I hired you for your Myspace blog.

[Klie] Bless you. I owe you a bottle of something op shelf once I get you out of here alive.

[Toby] May I ask…

[Klie] Because I never wanted to be that man again. I changed everything from my face to my accent to stop being him. My whole damn personality.  But, here we are again. Cover blown, and live on radio, no less.

[Toby] I’m sorry, Klie.

[Klie] Right now there are worse things to be than the Butcher of Anaxia. Like dead. I think the archons are dead, but more will be on their way Time to grab the bug-out bags and pack up the radio. We’ll head to the rendez-vous a little early.

[Toby] Do you thing Torg made it?

[Klie] I have no worries for Torg. He will rip and tear until it is done. I’m sure.

[Toby] I’ll grab the bags and fire up the skylark. You handle the transmitter. 

[Klie] Don’t we usually do it the other way around?

[Toby] That was back when I thought you were unmechanical. Now you get to enjoy a few of the shocks.

[Klie] Faor deal.

[Klie] Well, my lovelies, I guess I’m busted. I hope you don’t hate your old spirit guide for being a bloodthirsty war criminal. If we are going to fight, guess that’s the question we all have to consider right now. Does anyone get a second chance, and if they do, who decides which of us is worthy? Klie Maxwell, signing off.

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