Trans-Real News – Episode 38: Shill

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Trans-Real News returns to the studio to tell you about the fallout of the death of the authorities and the transformation of Torg Skullcrusher. With too many travel advisories to count, and lots of reality warfare on the horizon.

News Brief (0’23”)

  • The Horde is sending most of their warriors home – except for youth training camps.
  • Torg has been made a deity.. of sorts.
  • There is hope of a new, stabilized reality.
  • Torg is leading a group of Indigo Children and Barbarian youths to reconstruct Australia.
  • Australians are invited to come home and help with reconstruction.
  • Time Barbarians give out Doughnuts as part of a feast of reconciliation.
  • Donna’s invsitgated for possible use on non-cloned “long pig.”
  • Two heads are now fashionable.

Timespace Forecast (3’34”)

  • Forecasting is currently limited.
  • Dispersing Indigo Child migration will lead to lower cuil across California.
  • The Indigo Children’s home towns can expect reality warfare as the children come home and adjust.
  • Reduced global irreality caused by Torg’s deification absorbing significant amounts.
  • Let’s make out won 70s depravity!

Our Sponsor: Justin Black (5’06”)

Justan Black Consultants want to help you do your evil better.

Statement from The Doomsayers’ Union (5’52”)

You see? You see?! We told you the plants were awakening! We told you it would bring Doom and destruction to us all. And we were right! Do not think that it is over. The reign of chaos upon Earth has just begun! Follow us on social media to learn of the next impending doom, and then the consult with your local doomsayer to see if you will be among the survivors. In celebration for the end of the Reset and the aversion of a much worse apocalypse, we are offering new account structures for those of you who wish to be informed of your impending doom by email, social media, or push notification. The end may still be nigh!. Get informed!

Travel Advisories (6’41”)

  • It is an optimal nexus to travel through time to see the Path of Bones… or even participate!
  • Australia has a bounty on plant-based animals and mutant vegetation.
  • The Hive is starting Buzz2: and is hungry for talent!
  • The Hive is also hiring plane-hopping engineers for Slime reclamation.

Overheard on a Hot Mic (8’48”)

[Klie] Well?

[Toby] Well, I’m happy to be in the studio, but I’m sure as hell not happy about how this episode went. Is this what it’s like going to back to the network. Everything being a shill? And working with Justin black again? I’m tempted to run back to the hills and start firing up the transmitter again.

[Klie] I’m half tempted to join you. Crossing that picket line this morning was a hell of a experience.

[Toby] I can’t believe people are trying to cancel you.

[Klie] I can. Most people don’t remember the psychic war, and weren’t even aware it was going on in the time. But they don’t like the idea of killer robots. Especially not killer robots created by somebody who’s dabbling in weird Science and magical technology. I’m everything there afraid of the next century.

[Toby] Has Terry or Jim gone behind my back and asked you to leave?

[Klie] They have. They even made compelling cases.

[Toby] I’ll have another word with them. Because if you go I go.

[Klie] Even if I left from my own choice? Believe you me, protesters and twitchy executives don’t scare me. But I also don’t want to hurt trans real news.

[Toby] You would hurt it more by leaving.

[Klie] That’s kind of you to say Toby. I have some soul searching to do.

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