Trans-Real News is a reimagining of a blog I created on Livejournal around 2006 called the Timespace Forecasts, where I imagined a weather forecast written if time and space were completely broken down by some timespace disaster. I involved giant schoolgirls, man-eating plants, Hopi medicine men, and alien invasions.

I have been itching to make a podcast for years, and now I have many good reasons to do so. I decided to start by revisiting this wild creation, updating and expanding it to help me learn the craft of producing podcasts more efficiently. Any new skill or tool I want to use, I try here first… which I hope means this tool will just keep getting better as I go.

Trans-Real News is posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I do have a story and a script in mind, and its first season will run around 40 episodes, including 10 episodes done “Out of character” to thank my listeners, share feedback, and offer a look behind the scenes.

I have about three weeks of Trans-Real news recorded in advance, and so I may seem a bit slow addressing comments and feedback!