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Trans-Real News – Episode 30: Commercial BreakTrans-Real News – Episode 30: Commercial Break

A collection of the commercial messages from the first 29 episodes of Trans-Real News, and some bonus material. Re-ordered to show off the hidden stories running in the subtext of [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 21: VindicationTrans-Real News – Episode 21: Vindication

We get a behind-the-scenes look at TRN. Yaron and Walter return. Tul’Ophala is nearly destroyed. The Archons have abandoned the authorities. And an interview goes horribly wrong… Three Minutes Before [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 18: Getting Laid Across the MultiverseTrans-Real News – Episode 18: Getting Laid Across the Multiverse

The lower planes are closed off, the slime is disappearing, and the Head Mafia surrenders. Torg notes an uptick in conquistadors and time confusion. The horde is on the move. [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 17: ParasiteTrans-Real News – Episode 17: Parasite

In which Yaron breaks Tu’Ophala’s dirty secrets, New Normal is finally established, and Klie tells you about new exploration opportunities. News Brief Timespace Forecast (1’52”) This Week’s Sponsor (3’02”) Donna’s [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 15: Patience & FortitudeTrans-Real News – Episode 15: Patience & Fortitude

The West Coast picks up the pieces, Desperately seeking Walter, settling into a new reality, a sexy case for sentry robots, and how to deal with a reality emergency. News [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 13: Schoolgirl RampageTrans-Real News – Episode 13: Schoolgirl Rampage

The conflict in Ularu is finally over, and Retrograde Dynamics’ super-girls are going on tour as a pop band. Reality storms build toward a superstorm; weirdness reaches a new peak. [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 12: Storm WarningTrans-Real News – Episode 12: Storm Warning

News Brief Timespace Forecast (1’15”) Increased reality storms or even superstorms coming in. The best material for an irreality readiness kit: Our Sponsor (2’55”) Tul O’Phala has the magic that [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 11: Alien IchorTrans-Real News – Episode 11: Alien Ichor

Eldritch horrors awaken beneath Ularu and goes to battle with magical girls, XIbalba in flames, the Head Mafia collects a few of their own, expect raining blood in Australia, the [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 9: A Few Side EffectsTrans-Real News – Episode 9: A Few Side Effects

In which Freelance police bust up a bowling alley, coffee shortages cause Damn Ego to despair, and experts speculate on the growth of The Slime, feelgood retro vibrations are strong. [...]

Trans-Real News – Episode 3: Best Necromancers in the WorldTrans-Real News – Episode 3: Best Necromancers in the World

In which warfare breaks out over the being under Ularu, Someone is stealing heads, the Barbarians call a moot, a week on repeat, the late 20th century is coming in, [...]